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How to make a Airplane - Aeroplane Car - Lamborghini

Publicado em 31 de mai de 2019 2.276.213 visualizações

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Learn - How To Make a Airplane car - Future Car
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  • Dan Permana
    Dan Permana 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas Kenapa ga terbang
  • Ijan Cruiser
    Ijan Cruiser 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas haahhahahha i think this thing can fly 😂😂😂 waste my data
  • Vanita Rajpal
    Vanita Rajpal 3 (na) araw ang nakalipas Reduce the weight and add 1 motor at back
  • joelma mendes
    joelma mendes 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas está muito pesado o coloca mas dois moto atrás, derrepente tinha mas sustentação de partida
  • Wulan Rizwan
    Wulan Rizwan 3 (na) araw ang nakalipas Tanganya kuning2...
  • Dilshari Weragoda
    Dilshari Weragoda 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas It barely flew
  • Sami Figear
    Sami Figear 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas محتاج لى محرك تالت للتوجيه
  • Adan Vega
    Adan Vega 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas Nunca lo vi volar...con todo lo que gasto mejor se hubiera comprado un dron...basura...
  • Subhash Chander
    Subhash Chander 1 buwan ang nakalipas Bhai Maine tere Chanel Ko subscribe ke diya tu bhi mere Chanel Ko kar Dena "Shiva Sarpanch Gujria"
  • Simone Teodoro
    Simone Teodoro 1 buwan ang nakalipas Subhash Chander .🍍💘💚💌💌
  • joelma mendes
    joelma mendes 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas se ele tentasse fazer um aviãozinho ficaria melhor
  • Armmuengchon Regency
    Armmuengchon Regency 1 araw ang nakalipas โคดเท่
  • Uriel William
    Uriel William 3 (na) araw ang nakalipas Vc deveria ter inclinado só um pouco os motores para frente
  • Ismail Ait talamt
    Ismail Ait talamt 5 (na) araw ang nakalipas كف من فيديوهة المفا برك
  • Miloud Saidi
    Miloud Saidi 1 linggo ang nakalipas رائع
  • Miloud Saidi
    Miloud Saidi 1 linggo ang nakalipas 😄😄💪👍 😊 🌠
  • นัธพล อารมย์
    นัธพล อารมย์ 1 araw ang nakalipas เพื่ออะไร?
  • Afriantosapan Rian
    Afriantosapan Rian 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas Kira in mau terbang
  • Waqar Hussain
    Waqar Hussain 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas Its not work
  • Bang Zuki
    Bang Zuki 1 araw ang nakalipas Motor siapa
  • Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez 4 (na) linggo ang nakalipas Están buenos tus vídeos
  • Pietrodaniel Moreira
    Pietrodaniel Moreira 4 (na) araw ang nakalipas Pelo jeito que decola gira sentido horário os dois motores giram para o mesmo lado