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Michelin Tsang Chiu King cooks at Ming Court

Publicado em 26 de fev de 2012 390.867 visualizações

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2 Michelin star Executive Chef - East Tsang Chiu King prepares a dish at Ming Court in Hong Kong. Read and see more at - only about the best restaurants in the world!

  • TheKudos76
    TheKudos76 1 taon ang nakalipas I still prefer the street food, looks more appetizing .. sorry!
  • Perapon Boran
    Perapon Boran 8 (na) buwan ang nakalipas ให้ลูกค้ากินได้ไง เหม็นไหม้แน่นอน นี่นะมิชลิน
  • Kiet Dao
    Kiet Dao 3 (na) taon ang nakalipas saw him on MasterChef Australia :)
  • Bala S
    Bala S 1 buwan ang nakalipas That smile!!!
  • Orion Sun
    Orion Sun 1 taon ang nakalipas Michelin tires....
  • José Marroni Neto
    José Marroni Neto 10 (na) buwan ang nakalipas LOL!
  • kunnal vig
    kunnal vig 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas i am very hungry
  • La Barone
    La Barone 10 (na) buwan ang nakalipas A delicate operation well carried out!
  • SiuSiu Roy
    SiuSiu Roy 1 taon ang nakalipas 曾超勁?
  • Peter Mueller
    Peter Mueller 3 (na) taon ang nakalipas Shrimp omelette with collards! A southern classic!
  • memadman
    memadman 3 (na) taon ang nakalipas I like a fat chef. The shrimp heads are for eating?
  • Katherine
    Katherine 1 buwan ang nakalipas very tasty and crunchy. My 2nd fav part after the body
  • Cahya prabundja Ida bagus
    Cahya prabundja Ida bagus 4 (na) taon ang nakalipas Josssss banget pengen belajar
  • Stephen Needham
    Stephen Needham 1 taon ang nakalipas What a curious way to cook eggs...
  • Jack Yi
    Jack Yi 4 (na) buwan ang nakalipas 2 Michelin star Executive Chef doesn't know how to use wok?
  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown 1 taon ang nakalipas Nothing sticks to that wok. Just like mine. Properly seasoned.
  • Kin Fai Yeung
    Kin Fai Yeung 4 (na) linggo ang nakalipas 用易潔鑊炒啦惾西
  • yee peng
    yee peng 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas great skills
  • Charcrit Boonsom
    Charcrit Boonsom 3 (na) taon ang nakalipas Fantastic.
  • Nagendaranmathan Nagendaaranmathan
    Nagendaranmathan Nagendaaranmathan 1 taon ang nakalipas super super good
  • Ming Chan
    Ming Chan 1 taon ang nakalipas 大師傅,"痴"撚晒底啦!!!!😂😂😂😂
  • 毛習西
    毛習西 5 (na) buwan ang nakalipas 食屎
  • anny lin
    anny lin 1 taon ang nakalipas Nice😊 smile