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David Beckham's Lifestyle ★ 2019

Publicado em 19 de nov de 2017 1.423.432 visualizações

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David Beckham Income, Houses,Cars, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth 2019
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  • meiringmei Lansinmei
    meiringmei Lansinmei 11 (na) buwan ang nakalipas Wow his mother beautiful
  • Aboud Abdi
    Aboud Abdi 1 taon ang nakalipas Not won in ballondor but he is the best manutd boy david Beckham
  • rose
    rose 1 taon ang nakalipas 1:07 you got the wrong family...lmfao
  • Azryn Shah
    Azryn Shah 3 (na) linggo ang nakalipas fuk all these doubles. No wonder I saw Beckham couple of times in the subway
  • Paul anon
    Paul anon 7 (na) buwan ang nakalipas @Felix Okafor moron, if you are going to call into question someone pointing out an error at least bother to check first.
  • Ash
    Ash 1 taon ang nakalipas lmao, ur not a huge fan are you..
  • Martin Yiak
    Martin Yiak 1 taon ang nakalipas ha...1:19 the same , it's a shame x
  • Robert Gash
    Robert Gash 1 taon ang nakalipas Felix Okafor that's not Beckham or his family. That's a lookalike called Andy Harmer a call girl and some kids from the local am dram.
  • Felix Okafor
    Felix Okafor 1 taon ang nakalipas @thina dube, that's Beckham's family you are the one that made mistake
  • Kristian Borring
    Kristian Borring 1 taon ang nakalipas hahahahah
  • Robert Gash
    Robert Gash 1 taon ang nakalipas Thank fuck some one is awake
    ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 1 taon ang nakalipas Whoever made this, your spelling is absolutely shocking not to mention there's at least one photo in there is "look-a-likes" 🤔🙈😂😂👍🏻
  • Araseli Cholila
    Araseli Cholila 1 taon ang nakalipas David Beckham' s Lifestyle 2018.
  • von gwein
  • Jerro J
    Jerro J 1 taon ang nakalipas Becz,, the best player.
    JESPHIN C 10 (na) buwan ang nakalipas Great player and great man and great family
  • Sabeen fatima
    Sabeen fatima 4 (na) buwan ang nakalipas You just wanna bang his wife Victoria! Stop acting bitch
  • Anna Amato
    Anna Amato 1 buwan ang nakalipas where did that money go from? I don't think from football only!...
  • Simon sea
    Simon sea 1 taon ang nakalipas Much respect you where one of the best in the word God has bless you enjoy the good life we your beautiful family and I hope to see you face to face some day am in Dubai my number 0507356159
    MAH SEW MEE 1 taon ang nakalipas i love David Beckham family God bless you family Beckham i am from Indonesia 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Ari Latvala
    Ari Latvala 1 taon ang nakalipas Those private jet is not David's, it's belong company named Vistajet!!
  • Sabeen fatima
    Sabeen fatima 4 (na) buwan ang nakalipas So Beckham has 26 or 27 cars? And 1 or 2 super bikes? I lost count so pardon but I'm here saving money to buy a 70cc Honda bike (motorcycle) worth 400$ so just thinking Beckham is a little richer than me :( hmm fml
  • Bizon Creations
    Bizon Creations 1 taon ang nakalipas Did some research but still failed bigtime 😅😂
  • Lyselin Apolinar
    Lyselin Apolinar 1 taon ang nakalipas Holy cow,he have loads of cars 32 omg🤤
  • Rangga Solagracia
    Rangga Solagracia 1 taon ang nakalipas Harper looks beautiful
  • The Demon
    The Demon 1 taon ang nakalipas First comment and first like
  • ray Howe
    ray Howe 1 taon ang nakalipas He looks like down and out,your time in the spotlight, is over you and your twisty slapper.🇬🇧
  • cetnelo
    cetnelo 1 taon ang nakalipas Idiot with grazy women
  • Aboud Abdi
    Aboud Abdi 1 taon ang nakalipas He is david Beckham why not the best hope now to became manutd owner also better live with his beautifull wife victoria